Sunday, March 30, 2014

Embracing Failure (Mini-Doc) - with Mr. Let's Paint!

A couple summers ago I had the pleasure of sitting down with painter John Kilduff, host of the always entertaining Let's Paint TV, at his home in Van Nuys. The music was provided by Rory Landry of Mouth.

The footage sat on my hard drive for more than 18 months after returning from Los Angeles. I remember not having the best interview with John. I think general fatigue or jetlag had something to do with it.

In any case, I spent the last week sifting and transcribing the footage, and was fortunate to uncover 5-6 anecdotes I thought would be worth exploring in a short format documentary.

Ultimately I feel that aesthetically speaking, I didn't do him justice. I had a certain vision for how things would turn out, but in my pre-DSLR days, I was somewhat limited by what I could pull off visually. I hope people still find it interesting.

I've posted links below to a couple pieces done by a Vancouver Film School graduate on John Kilduff, which are far more pleasing to the eye:

Quiettime, a member of reddit, kindly added the short to reddit's documentary section. I don't know how reddit works, but if you do, feel free to chime in here: