Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Rug Burns: Production - Day 2

Sunday, August 28th, 2011

Day 2 had another rough start. The night before was a buddy's birthday and BBQ...I turned in at around 11PM, but the lead in my movie (Rug) decided to stay out and party a little longer.

We had talked about striking up our set at around 10AM. That didn't happen. We probably didn't roll tape until around noon...

The Interrogation Scene - Pat's Garage

One thing I anticipated was that people who said the would help with the project might drop out, or show up late. That's why, by and large, I decided to pick up and drop off almost everyone involved in the shoot

I picked up my buddy Steve from his house at around 11:30AM and only had him on loan for about 2 hours...

One thing I had not anticipated was that Rug's mom would be barging into the garage every 5 minutes to get hedge clippers...

Breaking the fourth wall? Or opening the back door? You decide, America!
In any case, this scene was messy and a lot of fun. Steve sat there for a good hour while we pelted him with bags of flour...I mean coke...bags and bags of pure cocaine...

Rug Burns - Coke Trailer from 3+one entertainment on Vimeo.

After helping Adam G. move out of his apartment, we brought him to Park Lawn Cemetery to shoot a quick scene.

There's something off-putting about cemeteries. Oh yeah, the dead bodies.

That, and as per usual, we didn't have permission to shoot there.

No permission to shoot. But we did have a license to kill..har har har.

This was one of the few scenes where I had some gore effects planned.

We were in and out of there in 20 minutes, with no one the wiser...

Only I realized later that night that I had forgotten the pool noodle I used as a fake arm...

Not much to report on from these locations. We went in the early evening, got what we needed, and took off!

I wish I'd gotten some better driving footage...and some shots of the wheels from the passenger seat...

We tried to get a peelout going using pine combs (probably a first in the history of movie making). Didn't work. Next time bring flour.

Next up: Production Day 3: Armenian Mobsters!


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