Thursday, October 6, 2011

Rug Burns: Production Day 4

Tuesday, August 30th, 2011

Canadian National Exhibition

Our last night of shoot invovled getting more cutaways, filler, and just horsing around on cheap real estate. Monday to Thursday after 5PM at the Ex is only $5 to gain admission...well worth it.

The cool thing about shooting at the CNE is that it's not abnormal for someone to have a camera out, and lighting is great around the midway.

Rug did a little bit of everything.

He shot some pool...

 Shot some dirt looks...

Shot some hoops...

You get the point. This was a super fun location to shoot at, my only regret is that I missed the first part of the basketball game Rug got in...nothing funnier than a white guy wearing a fur coat and a wig taking on 4-5 black guys in a pickup game. Had I gotten more footage, we might actually have enough for a Streetball mixtape...ah well!

One other regret was that I didn't get Rug on any of the attractions...would have been funny on the carousel...I guess it will have to wait for "Rug Burns Vigilante Cop 2: Rugged n' Raw"

So that's my production blog on my very first fake trailer/quasi-short film. All it took was a little preparation, four days of shooting, and seven or eight friends! (Now it's on to post-production...) 

I had tons of fun doing this and want to quickly thank everyone who got invovled: I hope the final product makes it worthwhile, and I'm looking forward to doing this again real soon!

Thanks to Adam Norton for coming up clutch on Saturday morning and for lending us his collection of guns...

Thanks to my Mom for being a kickass PA.

Thanks to my little sister Elise for being along for the ride...she's actually a pretty good DP!

Thanks to all the extras and bad guys: John, Simon, Steve, Adam G., Ara, Tro & Ryan! (I hope I'm not missing anyone...)

Thanks to Patty for becoming 'Rug'. He had mad swagger and improvised some really funny shit during the shoot...I've got 5 sequels planend with your name headlining 'em! 


Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Rug Burns: Production - Day 3

Monday, August 29h, 2011

Alley Shooting - Julien's House

We spent about an hour shooting cutaways and filler footage.

Rug shootings guns...

Rug getting punched in the face...

The fake blood didn't really work in my last shot where Rug blows a guy to bits using a shotgun...I should have had a bucket of blood ready to dump on Rug...instead that whole part came out kinda goofy. And I forgot to turn on my camera mic for the entire hour. Woops.

The Mob Boss Scene - Pat's Living Room

I was fortunate enough to be able to wrangle three friends into playing mobsters for 10 minutes. We had them sit in Pat's living room, which was the closest thing to the Godfather's office we could get.

We had my pal Ara say gibberish in Armenian for 10 minutes with plans of later adding subtitles in post.

Only part I goofed on is one of the two lights we were using blew out while we were in the middle of shooting...I really should have gotten another one to balance things footage came out grainy as fuck. Fuck.

Hooker Dumpster Scene

After finally finding a quiet alley, we set up for the last shot of the night...don't know if this will make the final cut...what kind of vigilante cop kills a hooker and tosses her into a dumpster...apparently, this one.

We actually had to turn all the way around and go back home because we forgot our flashlight...

Day 3 was all about odds and ends...still had a couple flubs, but we're on the home-stretch now!

Up next: Producation Day 4 - The CNE!!!


Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Rug Burns: Production - Day 2

Sunday, August 28th, 2011

Day 2 had another rough start. The night before was a buddy's birthday and BBQ...I turned in at around 11PM, but the lead in my movie (Rug) decided to stay out and party a little longer.

We had talked about striking up our set at around 10AM. That didn't happen. We probably didn't roll tape until around noon...

The Interrogation Scene - Pat's Garage

One thing I anticipated was that people who said the would help with the project might drop out, or show up late. That's why, by and large, I decided to pick up and drop off almost everyone involved in the shoot

I picked up my buddy Steve from his house at around 11:30AM and only had him on loan for about 2 hours...

One thing I had not anticipated was that Rug's mom would be barging into the garage every 5 minutes to get hedge clippers...

Breaking the fourth wall? Or opening the back door? You decide, America!
In any case, this scene was messy and a lot of fun. Steve sat there for a good hour while we pelted him with bags of flour...I mean coke...bags and bags of pure cocaine...

Rug Burns - Coke Trailer from 3+one entertainment on Vimeo.

After helping Adam G. move out of his apartment, we brought him to Park Lawn Cemetery to shoot a quick scene.

There's something off-putting about cemeteries. Oh yeah, the dead bodies.

That, and as per usual, we didn't have permission to shoot there.

No permission to shoot. But we did have a license to kill..har har har.

This was one of the few scenes where I had some gore effects planned.

We were in and out of there in 20 minutes, with no one the wiser...

Only I realized later that night that I had forgotten the pool noodle I used as a fake arm...

Not much to report on from these locations. We went in the early evening, got what we needed, and took off!

I wish I'd gotten some better driving footage...and some shots of the wheels from the passenger seat...

We tried to get a peelout going using pine combs (probably a first in the history of movie making). Didn't work. Next time bring flour.

Next up: Production Day 3: Armenian Mobsters!