Sunday, September 11, 2011

Rug Burns - Last Minute Preparations

Friday - August 26th, 2011

I spent all day phoning around trying to secure an extra for Saturday at 6AM. About a month earlier my friend Steve promised he'd be available for the day. Now he was telling me had to work.

I called everyone and anyone I knew...I even called some people I didn't know...I can't say I'm surprised that no one was interested in getting up at 5 in the morning (for no pay...on a weekend) to shoot some rinky-dink movie.

Fortunately Adam Norton agreed to help out on the project. He was in Georgetown getting his wisdom teeth taken out, but planned on spending the weekend at a friend's cottage. He said he would come help out for a day if his friend, John, could join too.

This was great news for me. It meant I'd have another bad guy for Rug to beat up, and also an extra set of hands to run the secondary camera.

I met up with Pat (playing the role of 'Rug Burns') at around 9PM on Friday night and finally delivered him the script. We hashed out some final details for the next morning's shoot.

I was hoping to shoot at the break of dawn on Saturday morning on a rooftop parking lot in downtown that meant picking up the guys from Georgetown Friday night, so we could get out there nice and early.

My mom, the ultimate production assistant, prepared the guest room and the basement for the boys to sleep.


Next up: Production begins...


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