Monday, June 13, 2011


I haven't posted on here in over a year, but I now finally have some free time (by that I mean I'm unemployed).

The guys from Workaholics (new Comedy Central series, just wrapped up Season 1) have a really cool story. I listened to the Adam Carolla podcast with Adam Devine and Blake Anderson where they explained how for 4-5 years they slaved away doing youtube videos (under the name Mail Order Comedy) getting next-to-no hits. Most videos would get a couple thousand views, which for anyone keeping score, ain't shit when it comes to Youtube popularity. It's really too bad because a lot of their videos are nothing short of fucking hilarious:

The substitute teacher? Spot on.

Eventually, a buddy of theirs mentioned they had office space that the guys could shoot in, and so with a little money (which I believe was provided by they shot the comedy web-series called '5th Year':

They shot 5 of these shorts, posted them to and guess what? Nobody watched them. Even to this day, the videos have between 1,000 - 3,000 views. Fortunately for them, one of the few people to actually come across their 5th Year web-series was a Comedy Central exec:
Executive may not appear exactly as shown.

The rest as they say is history. The 5th Year web-series acted pretty much as their pilot, the exec asked if they could produce a show based off what he saw (or what she saw, but let's be honest, he) (I'm kidding) (Am I?) The guys said yes, and now you have what I find to be the best single camera comedy on television. 

Three episodes into their first season they were renewed for a second ten-episode season. To make the whole thing even cooler, since 3 of the 4 guys live in the house that's used on the show, Comedy Central pays their rent! No bumper-to-bumper traffic to get to work on the freeway! No first and last month's deposit! No privacy!

I will admit I might be biased for loving this show as much as I do (Ders drives a Volvo, albeit not as cool as my burgundy 1990 240DL) but the show does work on multiple levels. For one thing, the three main characters aren't all the same guy. You've got the spaced-out hippy-dippy Blake, the amped-up-jock Adam, and the preppy-uptight Ders (swam 20 point in college). You've also got some great secondary characters: the boss lady plays her role to perfection; Montez is the shit (not literally); director/co-creator Kyle Newachek plays the drug dealer; and even the fat chick in the office is funny. Throw it all together and you've got what I hope will be a mainstay on Comedy Central (and the Comedy Network in Canada).

Now, some detractors might call this stoner-broseph comedy, and maybe it is...honestly, dude, I wouldn't know since I'm way too fucking high right now. 

Actually, it's quite the opposite, I don't smoke, or even drink for that matter (does that make me cool?), but I still find the show to be thoroughly enjoyable AND relate-able (if that's even a fucking word). If you're male, between 15-35, chances are you have friends like the Workaholics crew. Heck, you might even have friends like the Workaholics crew if you're a lady or a transgender type, what the hell do I know? (Everything.)

If there's anything that works against the show, it's that the show is heavily story-driven, and sometimes the story just doesn't pan out. Episode 10 (The Line of Getting Fired) is probably the weakest episode of the bunch. With that being said Checkpoint Gnarly is what The Hangover should have been: funny

Hot boxing with God?! B-RAD IS RAD

In fact now that I look at the other episodes, they're all top notch too. 

My picks:
  • For the Office Space fans (and let's be honest, Office Space is pretty much the reason a show like this can exist today [Mike Judge is a genius]) check out 'The Promotion' and 'Piss and Shit'
  • For the basketball fan, check out 'We Be Ballin'
  • And for the miscellanea crowd, check out the rest of the episodes, they're worth your time.
Why should you take my word on this? Because I hardly ever watch TV.

70% of TV sucks, and that's a generous figure. Also, I gotta give props to any writing team that can feature Juggalos in an episode, without just going for the cheap, easy laugh.

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Faygo libtarion for ODB?! Well done, lads.

Honestly, keep your eyes peeled for the these four guys.

If you're skeptical, don't bunch them in with the Lonely Island crew just yet. Lonely Island release horrible movies, their rap albums suck, not to mention they try WAY too hard on their SNL shorts. Fucking Lonely Island hacks.

Where was I? Right! THiNGS THAT DON'T SUCK ASS: Workaholics.


P.S. One of their writers is from so you know this shit is 2-legit-2-quit.