Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Furious George: Facebook Predator Pt. 3

Furious George: Facebook Predator Pt. 3 - Messageboard Mania

George will be the first one to tell you that message boards are a great place to cruise for hot delectable women.

Feel free to start up your own thread:


Or join in on someone else's discussion. Here we find George in a thread titled "Facebook chatters I miss that haven't posted in a long time":

Having a catchphrase, much like a superhero, is a surefire way to get chicks.
As noted above, George's calling card is:

George Hagel: Master of the Female Species
Because I Smear them with Feces

Ladies can hardly resist.

And finally...always, ALWAYS mark your territory:

Join us again for Part 4 as George swoops in for the kill through lyrical prose, as he seduces Charlene via Facebook.


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