Monday, June 22, 2009

Furious George: Facebook Predator Pt. 2

Furious George: Facebook Predator Pt. 2 - Groups 4 Groupies

George, you handsome old dog. How the hell are ya?
Single? We'll be sure to change that in no time.
  • Every internet predator should update their facebook status to show off their emotional side:
Profile Editor: Remember to stay hip by using the latest catchphrases:
  • Wazzup?
  • Cowabunga!
  • Where's the beef?
  • I have a small penis.
The next thing any internet predator will want to do is join a facebook group.

George has found just the place that's geared towards old-timers like himself:
"No way!You're not in your 30's/40's or 50's" Club for Sharing Information."

A quick glance at the Wall shows oldies are desperate for any action they can get:

Funkytown? More like fun-kytown. Knowwhaimsayin?

The group was looking for an admin, so George jumped at the opportunity. Other groups currently looking for admins are:
  • The Crotch Fungus Association of America (CFAA)
  • "My fingers are too fat to type legiblakjlref an ksdasdn nasdj"
  • Webbed Toes on Nasty Hoes
  • "I created this group based on a lame premise."
Being an admin allows you to gain unprecedented power to lure lovely luscious ladies. George realizes the best way to get some action is by hosting a bitchin' ass party:


We about to get this shit started:

Although I personally was never able to make it out to the party, I did hear through the grapevine a kind of rustling noise but then I realized it was probably the wind or something.

Check back with us again for Part 3 as we continue to follow George's adventures through Facebook...up next...the All-Too-Forgettable Facebook Message Boards.


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