Friday, May 15, 2009

Review: Omegle

The blog Temporarily Titleless brought to my attention the website Omegle: "When you use Omegle, we pick another user at random and let you have a one-on-one chat with each other. Chats are completely anonymous, although there is nothing to stop you from revealing personal details if you would like."

Here was my test-run:

My social skills did not transfer over to this digital medium.

However, this is a great tool now that Craiglist has removed its erotic services.
Omegle says: Rapists and Murderers, apply within.


What. What son.


Thursday, May 7, 2009

The Midnight Caller Show

Once every blue moon I get to go on the air at a local community-based radio station in Ottawa. It's been a goal of mine to get a regular radio gig for the last few years now.

I've always loved listening to radio since I was kid. I could never fall asleep at my bed time, so I'd pull out my walkman and channel surf for a couple hours. Sometimes I'd listen to stand-up comedy, other times it was old-time radio on AM stations (Suspense, etc.).

These are my favourite, all-time radio shows. I highly recommend checking them all out:
  1. Loveline (Adam Carolla and Dr. Drew years)
  2. The Howard Stern Show (-minus all the stupid stripper bullshit and sybian crap)
  3. The Midnight Caller
  4. Coast-to-Coast AM (before it got overly political)
Out of all these shows...the hardest to track down is Tom Green's Midnight Caller. Here's a little history:

"In 1990, Tom Green hosted The Rap Show on Ottawa's CHUO radio station, along with the other members of Organized Rhyme. The two other members eventually left the program, and that's when Tom's program moved to Friday night from 2 to 6 AM. He renamed the show "Nightfall" and hosted it along with Shawn Greenson and Glenn Humplik. In 1993, Tom launched The Midnight Caller Show on Friday night's from Midnight to 2AM. People would call in to discuss different subjects Tom had chosen, or simply to talk about something else (that resulted in a lot of people being hung-up on, and a lot of absolute nonsense).

Frequent guests on the show were Phil Giroux, Derek Harvie, and Sean Cooley."

As I said earlier, it's next to impossible to track down episodes of this show. I've compiled all the episodes I have here, in hopes that perhaps other people could contribute. If you have any old tapes or mp3s of this show PLEASE contact me at moondownradio(at)

05-27-1994 - Midnight Caller (46:18): Sunburn/suntan stories, animal calls from Algonquin park, my legs are made of garbage cans.

06-17-1994 - Midnight Caller (1:30:24): OJ Simpson trial, hot muggy weather, Dunkin' Donuts, microwave sound effects, Phil Giroux guests.

XX-XX-1995 - Midnight Caller (1:39:20): Summer the call-screener, hole in condoms, Sean Cooley guests.

05-XX-1995 - Midnight Caller (1:58:13):
Anesthesia and surgery, Nightfall revisited, Shawn Greenson guests.

XX-XX-1996 - Midnight Caller (1:41:48): Random topics, Derek Harvie guests.

Special thanks goes to java joel and Tom Green for these. I've done my best to remaster the audio since the originals were pretty rough.

Here's some of Tom's freestyling on the Midnight Caller (taken directly from mp3s above):

Oh, and finally, here's a small segment CBC Radio ran during his run at Rogers:


EDIT: Some people prefer using rapidshare, so all 5 episodes have been put together in one .rar file:

EDIT: It's early Monday morning, 1:00AM, been bored out of my mind in Ottawa for the last while, decided to start channel surfing on the AM/FM dial...whaddayouknow? Sean Cooley is back on the airwaves!!!

"Sean Cooley has come back after a near 10 year hiatus. Sean's background with CHUO was as the co-host (call screener) for Tom Green's "Midnight Caller" and also as the host of his own show "The Breaks". A call-in talk radio show which is now back and ready to make you laugh on Sunday nights at 1am. Now called MOONRAPPIN! CHUO has spawned a few other notables, but their true affection is for their current volunteers, many of whom have been at the station for more than a decade."

Tune in every Monday morning, 1 AM to 3? Probably? Here: CHUO 89.1 FM Streams