Friday, April 24, 2009

Review: Bad Ass Shoes

I've spent the last couple weeks looking for work, filling out job applications, and attending interviews.

When I go to an interview, I have to dress for success.
That's why I went out and bought some black shoes. Classy.
These aren't just everyday normal guy shoes though...
These shoes are strictly for bad asses.

Check it out:
Skulls = XhardcoreX, no shit.

These shoes even come with fuckin' bad ass insoles, that tell your feet how to act:

2 Strong 2 Fall...what son?! WHAT?!!!?!

For the left foot:
and he will
be a wildman
his hand will be against
every man and
every mans hand
against him

For the right foot:
for as by one man's
disobedience many
were made sinners.
so by the obedience
of one shall many
be made righteous
The dogtags:

If this doesn't describe you, then these shoes aren't for you, loser.
Spellcheck and proper grammar are also for losers.

Because you know, like driving a nice car in your own neighboorhood around the police is pretty fucking bad ass. Wait, what?

And you may of been dating more than woman at one time...which means you're either a bad ass or a lesbian. Sweet.

Seriously though, could this shoe brand be any gayer?

Well...that answered my question.

So...if you're a bad ass muthafucka, check out THE BLACK SHEEP BRAND...bitch.


[EDIT] - I just checked out their website for a second...they have a series called "Uglies"...*sigh*.

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Anonymous said...

WWJD? Buy these shoes.