Sunday, January 18, 2009

Tom Green's (Old) House

I've been living here in Ottawa for about a year and half, and I finally got around to checking out Tom Green's infamous plaid house (everyone should start spelling it 'plad' to avoid mispronunciation...all words should be written phonetically):

Of course, it's not plaid (there's that word again) these days, and neither he, nor his parents, live there anymore. The only difference seems to be that many of the trees were uprooted:

Back in early September 2007, one of the first places I visited on my bike was the location of the legendary Casa Acores Variety @ 131 Beechwood Avenue:

It's been about 10 years since that segment was shot, and since then, the entire building has been demolished, and replaced with a coffee house and an interior design store:

Another place which recently got a face-lift is Preston Hardware
which is briefly seen in this segment called 'Filthy Pictures' @ around 47 seconds into this clip:

I've been by it about a million times since the #3 bus used to go up Preston Street, back when Ottawa still had public transit, but never bothered to take a's the best the internet could offer:

Edit: This just in. Porn king Glenn Humplik just uploaded a picture of Wilde's on his pop-culture site This is the store in which he had his famous shower pictures sold:

I wonder what my crappy apartment will look like in 10 years (assuming I can afford a better place someday). Only time will tell...


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AJ said...

Ha ha ha ha Me and my gf took a picture of Wildes last year during the bus strike when they had that sign up since we thought it was hilarious. Totally unexpected when your going into a bookstore to come out and see that on the other side of the street. You've done a great service finding all the old locations for the show so keep up the great work. Any idea about the Modern Family restaurant, the Burger King Glenn "worked" in or the location where they played celery generals (Back when I was a kid and the season 1 came out, I thought it was way out in the north end of Kanata like Richardson side road, but then it was probably on the east end.)?