Sunday, January 18, 2009

Tom Green's (Old) House

I've been living here in Ottawa for about a year and half, and I finally got around to checking out Tom Green's infamous plaid house (everyone should start spelling it 'plad' to avoid mispronunciation...all words should be written phonetically):

Of course, it's not plaid (there's that word again) these days, and neither he, nor his parents, live there anymore. The only difference seems to be that many of the trees were uprooted:

Back in early September 2007, one of the first places I visited on my bike was the location of the legendary Casa Acores Variety @ 131 Beechwood Avenue:

It's been about 10 years since that segment was shot, and since then, the entire building has been demolished, and replaced with a coffee house and an interior design store:

Another place which recently got a face-lift is Preston Hardware
which is briefly seen in this segment called 'Filthy Pictures' @ around 47 seconds into this clip:

I've been by it about a million times since the #3 bus used to go up Preston Street, back when Ottawa still had public transit, but never bothered to take a's the best the internet could offer:

Edit: This just in. Porn king Glenn Humplik just uploaded a picture of Wilde's on his pop-culture site This is the store in which he had his famous shower pictures sold:

I wonder what my crappy apartment will look like in 10 years (assuming I can afford a better place someday). Only time will tell...