Friday, October 17, 2008

Sanctuarium! SANCTUARIUM! about a rough week.

Times are tough...hopefully better news tomorrow? Later this week?

Bah...who knows...somebody throw me a bone!!!

Working on a couple of fundraising ads in the morning...maybe hear them in rotation soon? Maybe not? I prefer to keep things ambiguous. Or maybe I don't control what plays on the air? Yeah, that's probably more like it. Good times.

Umm...sports thing...supposed to be starting soon...

Interview I did a couple of weeks ago is supposed to be airing next week, Wednesday the 22nd, so I'm told, between 7AM and 9:30AM...but again, that's up to other people...

Oh, check this out: Audio-Visual
It's the podcast directory of a new show over on sister-station CHUO, hosted by Tina H. I met her earlier this summer when recording an interview with her boyfriend, Dom Pare. From what I remember, this is her second stint on CHUO, so make sure to catch it, either live on Wednesdays at 12 to 1 PM, or on the site whenever.

Plug tunin' out,