Sunday, September 28, 2008


This blog is the shazbot.

So many people are reading it, I'm going to have start counting with my toes to keep up with the readers.

Oh, so Absolute Comedy, here in Ottawa, a couple weeks ago. Was a good time for the most part. I went out with a completely brand new 5 min set...

A guy got angry at me for going over a minute and a half (I can't help it, there were too many standing ovations). It didn't bother me that he got upset, or that the manager chick got upset, because I was totally in the wrong, and I apologized right away.

And I told the guy that 3 or 4 times.

It's funny when you admit you're wrong, and people still aren't happy with your admission. No, they need to have a temper tantrum and keep telling you you're wrong, while you admit you're wrong, and then they get even more pissed off because you don't feel bad about it.

Like the other day I rode my bike to class, and I got to the bike rack, and I'm locking my bike, and some random guy says to me "Hey, you like the smashing pumpkins?" and I said "Yeah, sure why not...1979." and he replied "Hmm...well you're not really into them...people who really like them don't say 'sure why not'..." and then I got pissed..."Well I guess I hate them then." He got all flustered...what the fuck do you want man!?

People are weird. Even when you tell them what they want to hear, they still aren't happy. Especially if they can tell you don't mean it.

Anywho...the rest of the night went alright. I was super tired, but the crowd is very kind there because the club has been built so well, and promoted so tirelessly. Really it's a treat to do stand up there.

Oh, I have it on tape, but since my computer got wiped out, I lost my video editing software, so I'll have to get that re-installed, and then I'll upload another installment of my "Where Laughter Goes To Die" series.

Well apart from that, there's some fun stuff going. Sumitted two pilot episodes to CKCU of the Last Laugh. The program director said there may be a spot opening up in a couple weeks...but that was two weeks ago, so it doesn't look so great. I really have to find the time to finish off the last two interviews. Maybe those will impress more? In any case, now it looks like January 2008, when shows either get renewed or canceled.

Actually, supposed to be recording another interview this week, and will probably be cutting it up for morning play. So at least something I'm involved with will get to air within the next two months. That would also make 5 half hour episodes of the Last Laugh...all that work...

Oh, and actually, I'm putting the finishing touches on a radio ad for Carleton Raven's basketball tomorrow. Submitting it on I guess I might have an ad in rotation too.

There's actually some really exciting news (for me) coming from the radio station, don't want to get into it right now, since it's so late, but I'm really stoked. If everything works out, I might be getting on the air in another format/style. That's all I can say for now.

So, another piece of history in the books.

Psychology midterm tomorrow...wish me luck!