Saturday, June 7, 2008

It’s’s summertime....hey!

It's lettertime it's lettertime HEY!

Who remembers Video and Arcade Top 10? How could you not? YTV, crazy camera movements, kids yelling, Timex watches...

My personal favourite was the mailbag segment of the show. It always went a little something like this:

'Hey Video and Arcade,
My name is Joey, I'm 9 and I have an N64 and a gameboy...and my favourite game is MarioKart.'

And then the fat guy would inevitably read off the cue-card:

'Great letter Joey, we're gonna give you a copy of Diddy Kong Racing for sending in that letter...also you'll be getting this amazing Video and Arcade Top 10 t-shirt...keep on gaming!'

First of all...the letter Joey sent in...not great. Secondly, I highly doubt Joey is 9 years be honest, the only people who watched this show were 30+ year old men who lived in their folk's basement (I was watching too, simply because I aspired one day to be 30+ years old living in my parent's basement).

What kind of segment for a TV show was that? The kid brags about how he already has video games...and they send him (or her...but let's be honest, girls don't play video games willingly) ANOTHER game.

I always felt bad because I couldn't even send in a letter to get a game since I didn't have a system while I was growing up (I also had both my hands blown off during the Korean War, but more on that later). I may not have had my hands, but I did have Video and Arcade Top 10, where I got to watch other kids enjoying video games...if only I could have a been a home partner...then I too could have been a 'winner'.

Just a little trip down memory lane.

Anyway, what's going with the myspace/youtube/blablabla?

Well, I'm working full time during the summer, but two days ago I just got my brand new Canon HV30. Today I walked down to Vistek on Bank Street and picked up some miniDV tapes.

So what does that mean to you? Well it means that I'll be able to start shooting and editing some stuff fairly soon. I'm gonna make due with what I have, and gradually pick up some more equipment (shotgun mic, video light, extra battery, lens, kitchen sink, ballpoint know, the basics) as I go along. Right now I'm trying to find a way to get a stereo output from my unidirectional handheld microphone...also trying to find a way to dampen the sound, as well as possibly getting a mic cover...

With that being said, I do hope to get out there and shoot some footage, I'm thinking of starting off with a segment about the Ottawa Poet.

We'll see what happens. For now, the myspace/youtube setup won't change much...hopefully I'll hit up godaddy soon and get myself a cheap site due to some real bloggerin' on.

Also hope to hit up Absolute Comedy for some Pro-Am night standup, and start volunteering at the community radio station...busy busy.

Big plans, and the summer is already 1/4 of the way done...maybe I'll manage to post another blog on myspace before the end of the year...wouldn't that be remarkable?

Good times...

PS: Video & Aracde Top 10

Keep on gaming!